Sunday, April 5, 2009

debaters with a nick for cliques.

this past weekend at the arkansas regional qualifier has been very competitive, very stressful, and not much time for making friends. everywhere i noticed the cliques that debaters are always known for. but this tourney, i set out to try to break that clique. sadly, that effort was not to make much headway. even among the arkansas debaters there was still that little "who are these texans anyway?" as we are in the NCFCA, a christian league as it were, i strongly urge a(not a aff/neg ballot) breaking of the mold for all debaters. there were very few people who actually tried to make a friend of me (do you know how hard it is to get some people to shake hands with you?). i know that in the NCFCA there is a strong competitive atmosphere, but we should not let that get in the way of getting to know someone. you would think that as debaters, it would be easier to link with someone as well as we do with our opponents case. you know, sometimes, it's no understatement when people say that homeschoolers are a social hazard.

with expectations,


Debate That! said...

That is exactly what our team was talking about on the way back from the tournament! We really try to break the cliques as much as possible. Actually, we had a different experience in Houston and San Antonio! People would come up to us and introduce themselves. Let's just hope that people will understand that it's fun to meet new friends!

Mark said...

This is so true Jer. This was the biggest negative when I was involved. Still love it though!

Mark M

the serenity of serendipity said...

Hear Hear! I couldn`t agree with you more, sir. Ah, well, I suppose that we are called by Christ to be the "initiators", regardless of their actions. It has proved somewhat difficult. Let us break the mold!! =))